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Bon Publishing is dedicated to publishing the best original fiction, from the best new authors.

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 Author:    Kracken   

The Angel Within, Tapping Darkness, Fortune's Lightning, Foxtale's Folly, Dark King Rising, Shattered Fates, Burning Sacrifices, Catalyst, Snow, Taking in Strays, Searching Souls, The Heart


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Della Ann Boynton was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. After an extensive nomadic life, she settled in the Gulf Coast city of Ft. Myers, Florida.

An artist from the age of three, she seemed destined for a life of oil paints and art galleries, but the Internet intervened. Della was made web master of several participatory, on-line stories in the fantasy, dungeons and dragons genre. Discovering a talent, and a greater interest in the printed word, she switched gears and began writing fantasy stories.

The sensual, poetic, and psychological aspects of her characters, accentuate her signature "angst" style. She attributes as her muses, lots of coffee, insomnia, an overactive imagination, and a wonderful band of misfits called the 'Toasty Fried Co-op.

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