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Privacy Policy

All personal information collected on this site is for private internal use only by Bon Publishing and its parent company Produx House, Corp. (Bon). Bon does not sell, trade, or publish personal information provided to us by our customers.

Online purchase information such as name, address and e-mail, are shared only with our payment gateway,Pay-Pal, as required to fulfill customer orders. Bon does not collect, maintain, or have access to any credit card and/or bank account numbers used in customer transactions.


Shipping Policy

All credit card orders are shipped within one business day (excluding U.S. federal holidays). Items purchased by money order are shipped on the first business day following the receipt of payment. In the event that an ordered item is out of stock, the customer will be notified by email and given the opportunity to cancel the order.

From the date of shipment, delivery can be expected within 4-6 days for most of North America and 7-10 days for Europe. Bon Publishing does not guarantee the date of delivery.


Fan-Fiction Policy

Bon Publishing supports the efforts of fan-fiction authors.

Bon Fan-Fiction

Books published under the BON imprint (books) may be used by any author for the purpose of creating original, non-commercial, derivative work (fan-fiction) under the following terms and conditions:

1. The author of fan-fiction makes no claim of ownership to any character, story, or plot, original or derived, relating to the books.

2. Fan-fiction may not be sold, commercially distributed, or combined with a commercial product.

3. The author does not claim or imply any affiliation with the publisher (Bon Publishing Company).

4. Fan-fiction must contain a statement, by the author, affirming the terms of this agreement.

     "Disclaimer: I don't own this and I don't make any money off of this."



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