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Bon Publishing is dedicated to publishing the best non-traditional fiction, from the best new authors; giving readers the fresh, provocative stories they crave.

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 New releases... 11/17/2014 

A Lion's Heart by Kracken 


Shakra is a werewolf Prince in a land on the verge of war. When he saves Tamarind, a handsome rare werelion, from the slave pens, he finds himself with far more than he bargained for. Fighting a passion for the werelion that is denounced by all, he must decide between duty to his kingdom or winning were-lion's fierce heart.

Pages:     166
ebook Price:   $5.99

Dream Time by Kracken  (Della Boynton)


It should have started with a dream, but nothing seemed to come of the night when Jack was filled with visions of Native Americans walking away from the world, dark, solemn, and determined to disappear over a dark horizon of wind tossed grasslands. If Jack should have taken that dream as an omen, a prophecy, or as a cry for help, and share it with the world, he had failed miserably in his appointed duty. Once he had entertained thoughts of writing that great novel or selling his art in the best galleries, but middle age was fast approaching and those aspirations had fallen by the wayside when confronted with the reality of a meager talent. Instead, his life had settled into a mundane existence of going to work, watching television in the evenings, and barely maintaining a lackluster relationship with his girlfriend. That is, until an old man and his wolf walked into his shop one afternoon and turned his life upside down…

Pages:     86
ebook Price:   $5.99



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